Christine Funk

Attorney at Law

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Christine Funk is a member of the Trial Team in the Office of the Public Defender for the State of Minnesota. She has been with the Public Defender’s Office since 1994. Christine got her first DNA case in 1995. Not being a scientist by training, she struggled to understand the DNA evidence in that and subsequent cases. Eventually, she managed to translate the scientific language into something she could understand. Since then, she has worked towards making scientific evidence understandable to lawyers and lay people everywhere. Christine is a frequent lecturer on DNA evidence as well as the impact of science on criminal lawyers. She serves on the Technical Working Group for DNA for Defense Attorneys, is a member of the Forensic Laboratory Advisory Board in Minnesota, and is on the Board of the Minnesota Innocence Project. Christine is also an adjunct professor at William Mitchell College of Law, where she teaches Criminal Law, Advanced Trial Advocacy, and Wrongful Convictions.

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